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Health Benefits of LED Lighting

You may not even recognize how cloudy your work space is, and you may think that you are struggling with your eyesight. Whether you blame it on staring at the computer all day long or age or stress, it could really be that the lights in your office or workshop are not designed properly for the function of the space.

Results of studies in the Center For Health Design say that “light impacts human health and performance by enabling performance of visual tasks, controlling the body’s circadian system, affecting mood and perception, and by enabling critical chemical reactions in the body. Studies show that higher light levels are linked with better performance of complex visual tasks and light requirements increase with age. “

LED can make the world so much clearer. In many cases, upgrading to LED can be like having cataract surgery to remove the film that has been covering your eyes without the need for recovery time. The upgrade to proper lighting can make the office a more comfortable place to be, increasing productivity and reducing error. This can coincidentally assist in retaining employees, making the ROI immeasurable. How much clearer can that be?


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