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The "Lights are on but no one's home" isn't quite as humorous if YOU are the one paying to operate and maintain the lights.

Efficiency improvements in LED manufacturing and product performance have resulted in increased delivered energy savings and lower prices for LED Lighting Technology.  The cost of delaying installation NOW exceeds the potential benefit of waiting any longer, for lower prices

  • Utility REBATES ¹  

  • 50% to 75% less energy use per fixture

  • Material, labor and lift cost savings through drastic reduction in relamp intervals

  • Eliminate recycling costs

  • 100,000 hour rated lamp life

  • Instant on occupancy & photocell switching and dimming control capabilities

  • Adjustable upper & lower light level outputs

  • Excellent CRI and lumen maintenance

  • Improved lighting quality and visual acquity

  • Enhanced safety and security (camera friendly)

  • 10 Year Warranty


    ¹ Availability and amounts based on respective Energy Provider.


Exterior Lighting Operating Hours per Month
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