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Doesn't it make Cent$ to make business decisions to reduce energy costs based on ACTUAL energy use information, and the peace of mind that comes with it!

Our comprehensive and all-encompassing method of compiling real time, customer specific, fact-based energy use information provides a 24/7 insight into your building and/or processes energy consumption and operation.  We put all the pieces together regarding the ANSWERS to the questions of what, where, when, how much and how efficiently. 

Infrared Imaging- Where there's HEAT there's Energy Use.

Utilizing FLIR digital infrared imaging technology, we are able to observe and evaluate things strictly in terms of hot & cold.  The hottest temperatures are illustrated in terms of white or red.  The coldest temperatures are illustrated in terms of black or blue.  Building images are typically viewed in black & white, while equipment images are viewed in red and blue.


Some of the areas we have conducted IR Heat Signature Imaging evaluations on include, but are not limited to:


  • Building Envelope

  • Roofing Systems, Water Leaks

  • Electrical Load Panels

  • Motors & Bearings

  • Heat Exchangers & Evaporator Coils

  • Steam Traps, Ductwork, & Piping

  • Coolers & Freezers

  • Water Heaters

  • Storage Tanks

  • Manufacturing Processes

  • Molds & Tooling

Building Energy Use Analysis, Load Profile Data Collection, Metering, Measuring & Verification. 

Data Logging provides answers to questions like; how much energy is your facility using at 2 AM on Saturday Morning?  The best decisions are those made, based on solid information. 


Electrical load data logging provides real time, fact based, and specific information on energy use in your facility.  In addition to quantifying energy consumption, data log information can tell you things like, on/off cycles, start and end times, power quality issues, occupancy patterns, opportunities for productivity improvements and much more. 


Some of the areas we have completed Electrical Load Energy Use Profiles on include, but are not limited to:


  • Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning

  • Motors, Fans & Pumps

  • Domestic Hot Water (DHW)

  • Lighting Interior

  • Lighting Exterior

  • Freezers & Coolers

  • Miscellaneous Office Equipment

  • Cooking Equipment

  • Dishwashers & Booster Heaters

  • Ice Machines

  • Compressed Air Systems & Dryers

  • Engine Block Heaters

  • Manufacturing Equipment & Processes

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