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Dozens of Non-financial Benefits!

If you calculate the energy savings for replacement of old equipment with new, energy efficient equipment, the benefits are obviously financial. There are, however, many non-financial benefits to making an energy efficient upgrade.

With Mother’s Day coming up, it may be of interest to florists that when having efficient motors and LED in your coolers, the life of your flowers is extended.

Office managers, did you know that office productivity increases with properly controlled HVAC systems?  Walking into a standard office, even in the summer, you will see many sweaters on the backs of chairs.

The right light on a piece of fruit can determine whether it gets fed to the cows a few days later or gets bought by a customer. Grocers, wouldn't you rather sell your produce to your customers?

It may surprise you, property owners, that LED white lights increase visibility for security cameras and make for safer parking lots.  This assists in retaining tenants.

Oftentimes, the non-financial benefits of an energy efficiency upgrade far exceed the financial benefits.

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