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Our Mission FOCUS... is developing energy solutions that deliver long term VALUE, PERFORMANCE, and BENEFIT to our customer.

Our team’s extensive experience, coupled with the efficiency of our lean operations business model, gives us the flexibility to design and implement a full range of small, large, or incremental projects.  We design solutions that meet your defined specific needs, goals and budget.  Material only, self installation or a turnkey project solution...... NO problem.


Our LED Lighting System Solution, AFFORDABLY

provides the ability for the teacher or instructor, to control light levels to match the activity in their space. Lighting System Control technology has come to the aid of the modern classroom.


Our team has extensive experience serving the lighting needs of hospitals and healthcare facilities, large and small, throughout Ohio, Indiana and Michigan.  We excel in developing custom solutions with exceptional results.

Commercial & Industrial

With lower prices and increased light output per watt, the cost of delaying your decision to convert to LED technology NOW exceeds any benefit of waiting for a cheaper price.  Before you relamp with fluorescent tubes consider LED.


A photocell controlled exterior light fixture operates over 4,000 hours per year.  This fact, coupled with short lamp life and the costs associated with lift equipment rental makes converting them to LED technology worth a serious consideration. 

Building Envelope

Do you have an older building built with block & brick exterior walls?  Common misconceptions about the insulation properties of concrete and brick is resulting in missed opportunity to save  energy and improve building comfort & control.

Mechanical Insulation

Piping in most buildings is generally well insulated.  However, when left bare, uninsulated valves and fittings can lose huge amounts of heat that can significantly increase energy bill costs and create unnecessary health and safety issues. 

Michigan Saves Energy Project Funding

True North Energy Solutions is a Michigan Saves Program Registered Contractor.  As a prequalified and trained Michigan Saves Contractor we will gladly assist you in completing and submitting all finance and rebate related documentation.

In House - BEM & Lighting Design Analysis

All project design services are completed in house using a combination of industry leading Building Energy Modeling and Lighting Design Analysis Software backed with nearly 20 years  experience using them.

Utility Use & Cost Analysis

The utility use and cost analysis of your annual utility bill data (electricity, natural gas, LPG or fuel oil) includes a correlation of utility use and cost profiles to ACTUAL weather degree-day data over the same corresponding billing period.

Energy Use Diagnostics

We uncover the ANSWERS to the questions of what, where, when and how much.  Lowering utility costs becomes much easier and less risky when you are able to make decisions based on real time, measured energy use information.

Utility Rebates & Incentives

We take care of the entire rebate application process as required by each electricity and/or natural gas provider.   In addition, we focus on identifying the applicable rebate program(s) offering the highest incentive dollars.

Project Finance

In addition to delivered energy savings and utility rebates an additional source of funding (for qualified customers) is available in the form of third party financing.  Our energy project finance partner is not only experienced in the industry, but specializes exclusively in energy project finance solutions.  The majority of our projects are self-funding, meaning energy savings either meets or exceeds the cost of borrowing.

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